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Liberty Farms’ Hungarian Riding Pony Honored as Champion 2 year old Hunter Breeding Pony


Photo credit goes to Carolynn Bunch


Princess of Hearts (first Hungarian Riding Pony in the world) was honored at the 2009 Northwest Sport Horse Breeders' Association annual meeting and awards banquet. Princess was bred and is owned by Henrietta Morey of Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company in Graham, Washington. She was shown to this honor by Allison Allbaugh- Cino and groomed by Tiffany Adams.

Princess is sired by Alvesta Picasso (Supreme Champion Welsh Pony) and one of Liberty Farms’ foundation Hungarian Broodmares – H Liberty Foka. H Liberty Foka was purchased from the Cooksley Ranch in 1999 by Liberty Farms and is sired by H Laszlo out of H Foka 4 by Gyemant.

The concept of developing a Hungarian Riding Pony was first born several years ago. Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company partners - Henrietta Morey and Christopher Bredeson came up with the idea when developing marketing strategies for their Hungarian Warmblood horses and their farms in Graham and Olympia, Washington.

After researching the evolution of British and German Riding Ponies in Europe, Henrietta wrote a proposal to develop a Hungarian Riding Pony section in the Hungarian Horse Association of America’s Registry. This proposal was presented to the HHAA Breeder’s Board at their annual meeting in October 2006. After analyzing and reviewing this proposal, the Breeder’s Board voted to make it official at their 2007 February meeting. Thus a new pony breed was approved. This Hungarian Riding Pony proposal and the current breed guidelines can be seen on the official website of the HHAA (www.hungarianhorses.org).

Liberty Farms' Trainer "Ties The Knot"

In the photo from left to right: Preston Richardson and Tiffany Adams (Assistant Trainer), Phil Antush and Henrietta Morey (Liberty Farms East), Allison and Nick Cino, and Darla and Chris Bredeson (Liberty Farms West)


Congratulations to Liberty Farms' trainer Allison Allison and Nick Cino on their November 14, 2009 wedding. We all had a fabulous time and danced the night away at their fairytale wedding held at Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, WA. The bride was stunningly beautiful, the food fabulous, and the location magical. Oh yes. and the cake(made by assistant trainer Tiffany Adams and her Mom - Jan) was incredible!

Allison Allbaugh- Cino, of Majestic Sporthorses has been the lead trainer for Liberty Farms for the past 3 years. She and her husband Nick also own the Hungarian stallion, H. Szovaljo sired by Liberty Farms' stallion HS So Rare.

Elizabeth got blues in Showmanship and English

Lacey & Elizabeth

Elizabeth with Rare Valor assisting Chris Bredeson at the Breeders Classic


Peggy Pulse reported that her daughter Elizabeth got blues in Showmanship and English at a recent show. She took 3rd overall in English. Lacey was excellent."

Sunlight Dancing (aka "Lacey") was purchased by the Pulse family through Liberty Farms' Rising
Stars Program. Congrats to Elizabeth and Lacey.

Additionally, Elizabeth helped Liberty Farms groom and handle horses at the 2009 Northwest Sport Horse Breeders Classic.

Brynn Hamel’s 2009 Eventing Season


One of our favorite things about breeding and raising horses is to place them in the right home and hear about the success of the pair as they pursue their show career. Hettie, a Liberty Farms bred mare by Hadrian (Trak) out of Sunlight Dancing (TB) was sold to Brynn Hamel for Eventing. We were so pleased to hear reports from Brynn’s very dedicated show mom, Eileen, about the successes Hettie, Brynn and Amy Tryon had in 2009. Here are a few excerpts from the email reports throughout the 2009 show season:

  • “Just wanted to give you a quick update on Hettie….Amy (Tryon) took her down to California in February and showed her at Twin Rivers this last weekend in the Open Novice division and won with a score of 27.”

  • “Brynn and Hettie finished 2nd in the Junior Novice Division at Galway Downs (Temecula, CA) at the end of March on their dressage score…only 0.5 behind 1st!”

  • “Just wanted to let you know that Hettie and Brynn won the Junior Novice Division at Rebecca Farm in Montana on their dressage score of 25.3! They also received an award for the lowest overall junior novice dressage score. Assuming everything goes as planned, they will be moving up to training and competing at Caber Farm in August.”

Chris Bredeson reports that four of his horses received honors at the 2009 Northwest Sport Horse Breeders Association annual awards banquet as follows:

H. Rare Valor & Hungarian Jade

H. Liberty Belle
(H. Sir Bungee x H. Liberty Foka)
Photo taken summer 2009


  • H. Rare Valor (H.S. So Rare x Hungarian Jade), Reserve Champion Dressage Breeding Weanling Colt (For Sale)

  • Hungarian Jade (Starwalker x H. Valahara), Top 3 Dressage Breeding Mature Mare

  • H. Maestro (Bartok x H. Liberty Delibab), Champion Dressage Breeding Materiale 4 & 5 year old Colt/Gelding (For Sale)

  • H. Liberty Belle (H. Sir Bungee x H. Liberty Foka), Reserve Champion Hunter Breeding Weanling Filly

HHAA members elected to the Northwest Sport Horse Breeder’s Association Board of Directors.

Back row, L to R: Patrick Billes, Chris Bredeson,
Henrietta Morey, Jessica Wisdom

Front row, L to R: Allison Allbaugh-Cino, Markay Kerr,
Kristi Gates, Kate Triplett


Our Hungarian horses will be well represented in the Pacific Northwest.

Four members of the HHAA were recently re-elected to the 2010 NWSHBA Board of Directors at the recent annual meeting and awards banquet. Chris Bredeson of Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company was elected President, Markay Kerr of Crimson Oak Farms was elected Secretary, Allison Allbaugh-Cino of Majestic Sport Horse Training was elected Treasurer and Henrietta Morey of Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company.

NWSHBA is a regional (Washington, Oregon, Idaho & British Columbia) sport horse breeder’s association dedicated to enabling its members to develop, breed, promote & market sport horses.

News from Comrade’s new owner (see sold page for more info on Comrade):


“This was our fourth or fifth trail ride, and on all of them he has been absolutely steady, relaxed & cheerful. At the beginning of the ride we had to pass between a tent and a picnic table someone had set up right on the trail. We passed through three groups of cattle on the ride, crossed water three or four times, and the horse we were with spooked a couple times. No problem for Comrade.”

Ellen Nicholson Walker

Rising Stars Horse and Rider Development Program

What is the Rising Stars program?
The Rising Stars program provides high quality horses for riders who may
not otherwise be able to purchase a horse appropriate for their level of riding.

Why did Liberty Farms start the Rising Stars program?
The owners of Liberty Farms want to give back to the horse community, especially talented riders who are not able to purchase the quality of horses they need. Having grown up in large families with limited incomes, the owners of Liberty Farms understand what it's like to compete against someone who owns a superior
mount strictly due to finances.

How does the Rising Stars program work?
Liberty Farms always accepts applications for this program and horses are awarded based on horse availability as well as other factors gleaned from applications, references, interviews, site visits, and other aspects of the application process. It is of the utmost importance to Liberty Farms that our horses go to qualified homes which we determine on a case-by-case basis and at our sole discretion. Preference is given to residents of Western Washington.

There are three options available to Rising Stars:

• Purchase a horse at a discounted price
• Lease a horse
• Develop a horse and share in the profits when the horse is sold

How do I get more information and apply for the Rising Stars program?
For more information and applications click here. If you have additional questions, please call Chris Bredeson at (360) 455-5197 (Olympia, WA) or Henrietta Morey at (360) 879-5834 (Graham, WA).

" I know I say it a lot, but I can not tell you what it means to me, to have such a wonderful boy. He is truly a JOY! (I smile as I write this!)"

Amanda Wilgenburg of Shelton WA - Purchaser and Owner of HS Rare Song- sired by HS So Rare.

2008 Northwest Sport Horse Breeders Association Annual Meeting and Awards

The NWSHBA met November 9, 2008 for its annual meeting and awards banquet. Both Chris Bredeson and Henrietta Morey of Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company were re-elected to their Board positions and offices (pictured on the left of the above photo). Chris will serve his second term as President and Henrietta will serve her third term as Marketing Director in 2009. Additionally, our resident trainier Allison Allbaugh of Majestic Sport Horse Training was elected Treasurer( pictured on the right in the front row).

One of the highlights of the meeting was the decision to bring back the Hunter Breeding Division at the annual NWSHBA Breeders Classic in September 2009 and the possibility of Future Event Horse classes in either 2009 or 2010.

The awards program recognized the top three horses (Champion, Reserve Champion, and Top 3) in each age/gender division of the dressage sport horse breeding division. Liberty Farms’ 2008 filly, Hungarian Diva, was named Champion Weanling Filly; Liberty Farms’ 2007 gelding, H. Bentley, was named Reserve Champion Yearling Colt/Gelding; Liberty Farms’ 2005 filly, Kindle, was named Champion 3 Year Old Filly; and, H. Maestro was named as one of the Top 3 Materiale horses in the 4/5 year old colt/gelding division.

From left to Right: Philip Antush(Owner), Allison Allbaugh(Trainer), Tiffany Adams(Groom), Henrietta Morey (Owner). Photo by Carolyn Bunch

Liberty Farms’ Mare- Kindle crowned Grand Champion

Kindle (Kostolany x Sumptous) was crowned Division Champion 3 year old and under Dressage filly at the Northwest Sport Horse Breeders Classic Championship Show in September 2008. Judge Hilda Gurney noted that Kindle is “an elegant, well muscled filly with an elastic walk and a springy trot with nice reach”. Congratulations to Kindle and her Team!

Rest In Peace Dear Monda

By Mryna Martin

Memories of Monda

Sadly, on March 28, 2008, we at Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company lost our lovely foundation mare – Hungarian Monda #645. She passed away due to the infirmities of old age. Monda was bred by Steve and Wanda Cooksley and was foaled on July 25, 1982 at the Cooksley Ranch in Anselmo, Nebraska. She was 26 years old. Her Hungarian name means Legend. While a bit of a legend in her time, being noted for her stellar and popular foals, we think the best is yet to come thru her progeny.

Monda’s sire was Hadur and her dam was Stardust. From these two parents, Shagya, Thoroughbred, Hungarian Felver and even a dash of Lippizan blood flowed thru her veins. Additionally, she combined the bloodlines of Countess Judith Gurky , Temple Farms, Countess Margit Bessenyey, the US Remount Service and the Cooksley Ranch.

We believe that she enjoyed her last years living with us in a milder climate rather than that of her Nebraska birthplace. She definitely was not “retired” and continued to do the thing that she was best at…raising babies. Monda gifted us with 5 lovely foals (all grey in color) with her last being weaned just months before her death.

With our acquisition of Monda at 18 years of age, we had hoped she would give us a filly in her likeness (maybe just a little bigger though). Colt after colt arrived. First there was Reggie (Liberty Legend) in 2002. A strapping (now 16.3 hand) colt sired by the grand Prix jumper Final Pool, Reggie completed 2007 competing very successfully in baby green hunters and is preparing for the 2008 summer show season. Next came Colby (Coalton). Born pitch black with a bright star, sired by So Rare and soon to be another grey colt. Colby is preparing to complete in his first 3 day event in the next few weeks. He shows incredible versatility with a correct jump and lots of dressage talent. Surely our third Monda foal would be “our filly”. It was not to be. Another black changing to grey COLT! Buddy (Comrade) was born in 2004 and also sired by So Rare. Currently in training and at 14.3 hands, he has the movement of a much bigger horse with wonderful suspension and reach. Buddy’s jumping form screams “Move over Theodore O’Connor!”

In 2005 history repeated itself with the birth of Monda and So Rare’s colt: Oliver. Coming 3, Oliver may arguably be the best of Monda’s “boys”. In 2006 Monda took a much deserved rest from foaling and mom duty. We debated rather to breed her again but since she was healthy, we decided to try one last time. In June of 2007 and at age 25, Monda delivered the filly we had been hoping for since her arrival in the Northwest in 2000. Rare Jewel is again the result of the successful Monda /So Rare cross. As just a yearling her calling beyond having a place in our broodmare band is yet to be determined. The birth of this filly was as if Monda held on long enough to give us what we truly wanted. Oh yes, she is greying too!

Although just a little thing (maybe14.2 or so), Monda caught my eye on our (my husband Phil and I) first visit to the Cooksley Ranch. Phil and I had attended his daughter’s wedding in Omaha and had taken a never to be forgotten side trip to visit “the ranch”. Monda had a presence about her...nice neck, a lovely top line, a kind and wise eye and hunter type confirmation. After bumping through the broodmare “paddocks” in Steve’s truck and later over a few glasses of Wild Turkey and a little of Wanda’s homemade brandy, we struck a deal with Steve to take Monda( along with 7 other mares) to the Northwest. Steve selflessly just wanted Monda to live out her years away from the cold Nebraska winters.

In addition to our 5 foals, the HHAA studbook records show Monda had 7 other foals all sired by Gyemant. We are familiar with two of them currently. Monda 2 still lives at the Cooksley Ranch as a replacement broodmare for her dam. Zsofia , a lovely mare owned by Ellen Walker in Spring City Utah has proven herself to be extremely versatile showing as a dressage star and jumper, combing mountain trails and may soon add driving to her repertoire. Oh yes, she also had time to have a lovely foal.

When Monda arrived at Chris and Darla Bredeson’s (the other ½ of Liberty Farm Sport Horse Company), we soon found out that a kind ranch horse didn’t really know anything about city life. Life on a 12 acre farm was entirely different than that on a 20,000 (+ or -) acre Nebraska Ranch. A horse was expected to be easy to catch, stand quietly when handled, tolerate farrier work, load into a trailer, get her whiskers trimmed, her mane braided, wear a stable blanket occasionally and even have a bath now and then. Now this was quite a change for an 18 year old pasture broodmare and not without its challenges.

Thru it all, Monda’s good temperament persevered (most of the time). Let’s just say she put up with it all even getting all gussied up and going to a horse show with her first foal. She could always outsmart us though even to the end. She just knew when you were going to catch her long before you did and generally put up a little chase or maybe I should say often times a long chase. It was more of a game to her…sort of like cat and mouse.

Once when Monda was heavy in foal, Darla found her stuck on her side with her feet uphill. She had apparently rolled up and could not get her feet back downhill. Sort of like a turtle stuck on his back. While, Monda had been there for a while and poor Darla thought the end was near but with Monda’s patience, Darla was able to right her.

Another time, Chris and Darla were out of town and I received a call from some neighbors at 2am saying that one of our horses was dying. I rushed over to Chris’s home (about 45 minutes away) only to find Monda snoring while sleeping under a tree.

We sincerely thank the Cooksleys for giving us the opportunity to own such a fine mare. She was truly one of a kind! While Monda’s death leaves a hole in our hearts, we are thankful that she left us with the lovely filly – Rare Jewel and her “boys”.

Rest in peace dear Monda and may you forever enjoy galloping thru fenceless fields with a young strong body and all of your old friends from the ranch.

Henrietta Morey
Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company
Graham, Washington

Liberty Farms Owners Elected to Board of Directors

The Northwest Sport Horse Breeders Association (NWSHBA) held elections at its annual membership meeting in October 2007. Both Chris Bredeson and Henrietta Morey of Liberty Farms Sport Horse Co were elected to the 2008 Board of Directors.

Henrietta will serve as a Member at Large and will have responsibilities for marketing and Chris will serve as President. For more information on NWSHBA, please click here.

First Hungarian Riding Pony Born at Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company

The first Hungarian Riding Pony (in the world) has arrived! She was foaled on Sept 2 at 9:39 PM at Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company in Graham, Washington. H Liberty Foka's (H Laszlo - H Foka 4 ) new little Hungarian Riding Pony daughter (Princess of Hearts) was on her feet in less than 1/2 hour, bucking at her mom in 45 minutes and cantering around the stall in 1 1/2 hours.

She is delightful, sassy, willful, athletic, incredibly smart and extremely strong. At only 36 hours old she was giving her mom fits running away from her and around the pasture. She proceeded to go to the fence (electric tape), put her head under, lifted the fence and walked out. Before we could get to her, she did the same thing in reverse and walked back in.

Princess of Hearts is sired by Supreme Champion - Alvesta Picasso. He is a 12.3 hand Section B Welsh Pony owned by and standing at Daventry Farms (www.daventryfarms.com) in Darwell, Alberta Canada. Picasso was chosen for this important duty because of his lovely presence, movement, disposition and the stellar success of his foals in the hunter ring. Picasso’s pedigree features many classic Welsh Pony bloodlines.

The concept of a developing a Hungarian Riding Pony was first born several years ago.
Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company (www.libertysporthorses.com) partners - Henrietta Morey and Christopher Bredeson came up with the idea when developing marketing strategies for their Hungarian Warmblood horses and their farms in Graham and Olympia, Washington.

After researching the evolution of British and German Riding Ponies in Europe, Henrietta wrote a proposal to develop a Hungarian Riding Pony section in the Hungarian Horse Association of America’s Registry. This proposal was presented to the HHAA Breeder’s Board at their annual meeting in October 2006. After analyzing and reviewing this proposal, the Breeder’s Board voted to make it official at their 2007 February meeting. Thus a new pony breed was approved.

This Hungarian Riding Pony proposal and the current breed guidelines can be seen on the official website of the HHAA (www.hungarianhorses.org).

Having the honor and recognition as being the First Hungarian Riding Pony, Princess of Hearts will be retained by Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company. She will be shown on the line as a youngster and hopefully have a successful Hunter Pony career before retiring to the broodmare band.

Henrietta Morey


“HS So Rare is a beautiful mover with great expression and extension at the trot.”

    Val Sivertson –USEF Top Ranked Dressage Breeder/Owner, 2004, Eventer - Ohop Valley Hungarian Horse Farm –Eatonville Washington

“Reo is just the best little guy I could have asked for and I adore him. I will definitely keep you posted on his progress.”
    Kim St. Ours-owner of HS Two Rare (Reo) by HS So Rare - Caldwell, Idaho

“I looked at so many sites for a horse to buy and found you guys. I fell like I got to join an exclusive club or something. So Rare is only going to get better and more known. Did you know that Katie is a lover? I was shocked. She loves petting and attention and all the kisses she can get. It must be the Hungarian. I couldn’t believe how much she loves people. She is such a love. I was attached the moment she came out of the trailer.”
    Peggy Naegele of Helena, Montana - New owner of H Liberty Tiszta (Katie) -7 year old Hungarian mare in foal to HS So Rare

Hungarian Dutch Rivalry

-Chronicle of the Horse- July 9, 2004

In the breeding division of the Beaujolais show, an Affirmed/Alydar-type rivalry developed between HS Randevu and Urra, with Urra playing second fiddle to Randevu in the Cosequin/USDFBC colts and gelding and young horse divisions and then again in the grand championship class.

Owned and bred by Valerie Sivertson, Randevu, handled by Jessica Wisdom is a 3-year old Hungarian Warmblood colt, and he’s been dominating the Northwest breeding classes since he was a weanling, a yearling and a 2-year old.

By HS So Rare out of Sivertson’s mare, H Aldas, Randevu is a “very good example of the Hungarian breed,” said Sivertson. “He’s well-balanced, with a truly beautiful walk and a lovely trot. He’s very kind, very conscientious of your personal space, and, even though you’re not supposed to hug and kiss a stallion, it’s tough not to do because he’s so sweet.”

Sivertson had been breeding horses for 15 years from her Ohop Valley Hungarian Horse Farm in Eatonville, Wash., and she said she fell in love with the Hungarians when she was riding with Linda Tellington-Jones.

“These horses are smart, athletic and from a breeder’s point-of-view, they’re very versatile. The mares can be bred what I call, up or down. Depending on whom I select as the stallion, I can breed a hunter or a dressage prospect from the same mare,” she said...

"Bredeson warming up for Wolf Creek Hunt on Talaka, owned by Egon Kamarasy."
(Photo by Pat Vogel)
Bredeson Elected HHAA President

Long-time horse enthusiast and sport horse breeder, Chris Bredeson of Olympia, Washington, was elected President of the Hungarian Horse Association of America (HHAA) for
a two year term beginning August 2004. As President, Bredeson is the principal executive officer of the HHAA and is responsible, in general, to supervise and control all of the business and affairs of the HHAA. Additionally, he is responsible to preside at all meetings, including the national board and membership meetings held annually. His position automatically places him on the HHAA Breeders Board which, in general, is responsible for the genetic pool which makes up the horses registered with the HHAA.

Bredeson and his wife Darla, along with his cousin, Henrietta Morey and her husband Philip Antush, own and operate Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company, home of the black Hungarian sport horse stallion, HS So Rare.

Some HHAA board and general members,including Bredeson and Morey of Liberty Farms, celebrating the completion of a productive day of business at 2004 meeting in Illinois

Bredeson and other HHAA Board members riding as guests of Wolf Creek Hunt, Carbondale, Illinois, at close of HHAA 2004 annual meeting"
(Photo by Pat Vogel)

"In addition to good movement and type, HS So Rare's foals are gaining a reputation for their excellent temperaments."

“He is so level headed and easy to work with. HE already walks through swampy ground, walks through deep ditches, picks his way through holes and hillocks, walks across tarps, loads in the trailer, clips, picks up his feet, goes right up to the mailbox when I open it, doesn’t spook at flapping tarps. I’m running out of things to throw at him. I got him as a dressage prospect and maybe to take hunter/jumper lessons on, but he is so good about trail stuff, he’ll probably also be my trail horse and will help me when I round up cattle on my friend’s ranch.”

“So Rare’s canter is a 10!”
    Charlene Summers of Summervale Farm Top Northwest Sport Horse Breeder watching HS So Rare under saddle

“Very shapely head--shows nice expression. Appears to have strong and powerful hip. Nice elastic trot and rhythm.”
    William Solynjtjes about HS Rare Charm Judge at Beaujolais Sport Horse Show 2003

"Just wanted to tell you about Spirit this morning. We have the bulldozer out to level the arena area and all the horses were freaking out as I
was walking them past to go out to the pasture. All except Spirit, he just looked at the dozer and walked right by like it was nothing. He's like that with any new obsticle that's set up. I hope he'll keep that disposition, he'll be an awesome jumper because nothing seems to phase him! Just
wanted to let you know how pleased I am with him and your stallion passes on great genes!!!

Fawn Murphy talking about her 2 year old gelding sired by HS So Rare

“I want to put my bid in now to ride this filly. She is spectacular!”

Dressage Trainer Jessica Wisdom commenting on the black 2004 So Rare daughter- “H Poesia” after training and showing Poesia to numerous awards on the line in 2006.

“I'm just emailing you to thank you so much for this lovely mare. I've been on trail with her and I've also been doing some western pleasure and dressage. She’s wonderful under saddle”

Kristen Schuster about her purchase of the Liberty Farms mare – MollyAnna. June 2007

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